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We currently have openings on the following research subjects​​​:

  • DNA-Based Nanoelectronics

  • STM and STS of Single molecules

  • DNA and RNA Detection and sequencing

  • Protein detection

We are looking for outstanding students and post-docs who are eager to participate in our research. The group aims at research at the highest international level.

Candidates that feel fit into this environment are invited to apply.


For post-docs, experience in fields such as biophysics, single-molecule techniques, scanning probe techniques, Charge transport measurements and nanosciences is welcomed.


BSc, MSc and PhD Applicants are invited to submit an email with CV and list of previous courses and grades.


Post-doc Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, CV with publication list, and names/email addresses of 3 or more references, to professor Danny Porath (

We are looking forward to your application!

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